Thanks to all of you that remembered Steve with cards, etc. on his birthday! If you don’t think your kind gesture didn’t make a difference—it did! (I was sure glad that people remembered Jeanette on her birthday last September as she looked at those cards several times. Then it was two months later that she passed away.)
It was our turn to finish delivering Meals on Wheels. Zachary drove Steve and me to the places to deliver on Monday. We knew we couldn’t waste any time as he had a Food Pantry meeting at noon. There were two ladies with the same last name to deliver to. We we told the first one was not getting any meal on Monday or Wednesday. The other lady was the last on our list. She didn’t answer the door but after going to another door and ringing the doorbell, we found out why she wasn’t answering the door.
By modern technology her doorbell was hooked up to a relative’s number, miles away! The person answering this way stated that the lady was in the hospital. So, back we went to find out if the “first” lady was supposed to get the meal due to this last name mix-up. All this takes time to straighten out and the driver didn’t have much time left. Yes, there had been a mistake so the first lady got her meal after all. Now Zachary had a dog to let out and time was running out. Soon Bethany called him on his phone and wondered why he wasn’t at the meeting. It never fails that when time is of an essence, something goes wrong!
Monday was the City Council meeting that was a very short one. I hardly got there and it was time to leave! If you want to “clean house”, there is a city-wide clean up day on October 10. If you need more information on what can or cannot be picked up, call the city clerk.
Tuesday was the 13th. I don’t care what day of the week the 13th lands on, it usually isn’t a good day for me! I got up at 1:30 that morning and made Jello that was to end up as Whipped Jello. At 5:30 I went to check on the Jello and it was ready to whip. In the meantime I had some darker bananas in the refrigerator so I used them to make four loaves of banana bread.
I was having Cousin Jeneen, Linda and Sharon (Johnson girls), Marlene (Vern) Jorgensen and her son, Kevin for supper. After lunch I went uptown to get a can of crushed pineapple. This was turned into Watergate Salad. Bethany was going to make her chicken dish (as she doesn’t think I know how!). There was garlic bread to go with this. I was going to make Cream Puffs but couldn’t trust the oven. It had stayed on for the banana bread, but probably wouldn’t stay on for Puffs, so I purchased the small puffs at the grocery store. I was glad I had made two salads as I only had a couple of tablespoons left over from one.
While waiting for Bethany’s dish, we had a good time going back and recalling things we remembered. Sharon (is a minister’s wife) remembered when Remsen sent over their high school students because of only having 40 and the state wouldn’t have this few in a high school.
I asked her if the church her husband is interim minister for (they are waiting for a minister and he is filling in) had been closed for COVID. She said not for very long. They have now gone back to having Holy Communion at the altar instead of being in a line. This church is the same synod as ours (ELCA) but in the Wisconsin ELCA.
We had just started to eat when a young man came and said he had an electric car and he needed to plug it in. He was over at the former Sunday School staying and there wasn’t any outside electric outlet. If he ran an extension cord from the inside, then the door wouldn’t shut all the way. (I only thought a “charging station” was where an electric car went.) Steve found a neighbor close by where he could plug in the car overnight
This brought back a memory of when ladies came to help with Jennie S. who lived across the alley from us. One day Floyd went to the garage and saw an extension cord going from the garage, across the alley, and plugged into a car of one of the helpers parked in Jennie’s driveway! He never said anything as he felt it wasn’t using that much electricity.
Have you ever gone to Nebraska Furniture Mart and never looked around? This is what happened on Wednesday when Zachary went to pick up an appliance. Places in our area did not have any on hand and didn’t know when they would be able to get one—so that is why he went to NFM. It didn’t take long to pick it up as with modern electronics, it was waiting at the dock when we arrived. Once loaded, we were on our way home—there went my chance to “look around”. Steve had gone along and once back to Sioux City, it was time to get some supper. RL had their special on shrimp. I’m glad this was a one time only as prices had really gone up. The “tip” is also suggested with $13 being the cheapest one and the rest were really going up as much as one fourth of the bill. We all took water to drink instead of soda (which was pricey) in order to leave a tip. I had taken the cheapest thing on the menu so the waitress didn’t have to come back to me for anything! With the prices this place is charging, are they not giving the waitresses an increase in salary?
Friday was Bob Becker’s funeral at Boothby Funeral Home (11 a.m.), burial with military rites at Le Mars, and then lunch at Faith Lutheran Church. May memories comfort those whose lives he touched. May he rest in peace until we meet again.
Friday I had already walked a block on the way to get my hair done when a car pulled up and asked if I needed a ride. It was Yvonne M. who I hadn’t seen for a while. I accepted the ride and got to see my neighbor!
I had called the grocery store earlier and asked Mike to set out a cream cheese that I needed for a salad and I would pick it up when my hair was done. (What store out of town would do this favor?!) Meanwhile Zachary had picked up some things for supper as well as the cream cheese with Bethany telling him to leave it out of the refrigerator.
We had Steve down and celebrated his birthday. When we were done eating, I apologized for not having cake and ice cream. Bethany had disappeared and at this time showed up with an ice cream cake from the grocery store. We didn’t have to waste gas and drive to a DQ for this dessert. I didn’t know the store had ice cream cakes (two different kinds). We can appreciate that our local grocery store has items that usually we would have had to drive out of town for.
Sunday, our minister, Alan Cummins baptized his granddaughter, Andrea Rose. Andrea Rose Cummins was born May 29, 2022. She weighed 8 lb. 9 oz. and was 21 inches long. Her parents are Matthew Cummins and Emily.
The Marcus Historic Society had an antique show by appraiser, Dale Gorder from First American Pickers in Remsen. We could bring up to 3 items to be evaluated and find out if they were antique or not. I brought up a water pitcher, very heavy with cut glass on the bottom edge. This pitcher had a “chip” on the bottom that probably didn’t make it very valuable. However, the story of how it survived, probably is more important than it’s value. I’ll tell about this next week!
My computer is still on the blitz so I am going back in my files to find an article. I found one from 1937 where a reporter for Marcus News interviewed people on the four corners of uptown Marcus with three questions that were a big discussion at that time. One question was what the person being interviewed thought of sit-down strikes. As of this writing, people working for the railroads are striking for many reasons.
The next article had questions for women to answer. One of the questions was which electrical article they valued the most. The women talked about appliances that we take for granted. Some of the women didn’t even have electricity to run these appliances!
Remember to keep in your thoughts and prayers those who have lost loved ones to death, have had their lives changed, have health problems with some of them being terminal, are struggling to make ends meet even though they have a job, and be with those who are still trying to shorten the distance between family/friends by building a bridge instead of a wall.

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